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Truro Denture Clinic

Truro Denture Clinic - Mission

At Truro Denture Clinic our mission is to provide the highest standards, quality, and care at an affordable fee.

Only the best materials from the most respected manufacturers are used at all stages of denture development.


The greatest care goes into every single denture created at Truro Denture Clinic, whether it be a single denture or a complete set of dentures

No step in the denture-making process is left out making for the best fitting and most comfortable dentures. We like to ask our patients what they like and what they want in their new dentures. All dentures are set in wax until the patient is happy with them and would like them finished. This guarantees both esthetics (the look) and proper function.


In our opinion, every patient deserves to eat properly and look great at the same time! We provide more than just a great smile. We look after the whole person. You'll appreciate our "chair side manner"!

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TEL  (902) 893-8010



TEL  (902) 893-8010